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Rugby World Cup

with Psychoactive Studios

For the 2023 Rugby World Cup All Blacks Jersey Launch, Psychoactive, Augusto & Adidas collaborated to build an immersive digital experience for global media. In this captivating experience, users scroll down a virtual 3D tunnel and immerse themselves in a launch video that provides a glimpse into the design process of the new All Blacks jersey and the personal stories of the players who wear it. They then gain access to a virtual locker room where they can interact with the jersey and explore other campaign content.  (access with password: LegacyContinues)

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Whakarewarewa Forest Loop

with Dotdot

The Whakarewarewa Forest Loop app is a companion experience for the 34km Whakarewarewa mountain bike Great Ride in Rotorua. It has been created in collaboration with our partners Salt & Tonic, Rotorua Lakes Council, local artists and two mana whenua (Tūhourangi Ngāti Wahiao, and Ngā Hapū e Toru).

The downloadable app features way-finding, geolocated augmented reality stories and guides for having the best experience riding the loop trail.

Matariki in Augmented Reality

with Wellington City Council

Matariki Ahi Kā celebrates the Māori New Year in a uniquely Wellington way. Use the Matariki app and ‘share the warmth’ of Ahi Kā, the fires of renewal and belonging. Using Augmented Reality, warm yourself with a virtual fire that you can place anywhere.

Interact with the Matariki Stars in the night sky, and learn more about the Matariki Puanga stars. Find, scan and collect the stars of Matariki with the 'Haha Whētu Star Search' - the Botanic Garden ki Paekākā based star hunt game.

Capturing the mana of the maunga

with Insight Creative

Just inside the entrance is a conceptual model of Mt Eden, offering a 360 view of Mt Eden’s natural features. The model is also the trigger for an immersive augmented reality experience. IPads pointed at the model take visitors back 28,000 years to experience the eruption that formed Maungawhau Mt Eden. A second AR experience allows visitors to explore a detailed pā settlement, capturing what life may have been like on here 300 years ago. A further experience allows visitors to explore the mountain, clicking in to find out about its recent European history.

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Wiremu Wins Without Wi-Fi

with Insight Creative

An initial whole-team brainstorm session defined our audiences and the basic story concepts of isolation, whānau and inclusiveness. It was also here where the decision to create a physical and digital book, along with an Augmented Reality (AR) experience, was made. 

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Starship AR Wall

with Insight Creative

Our solution was to create an Augmented Reality (AR) experience to transform the Outpatients area into a magical wonderland of kiwi flora and fauna. This experience was applied to two large walls (approx. 2.5m x 4m each) in two waiting zones.

The walls depict the Wonderful Starship Forest, an idyllic imaginary world rich in NZ flora and fauna. The composition and elements were created by our design team and brought to life by leading illustrator Chris Davidson. The bright and cheerful colour palette reflects Starship’s brand and other artwork throughout the hospital.

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Augmented Christmas Stamps

with Insight Creative

Following a number of discussions and demos, we agreed with them that an augmented reality (AR) stamp would achieve their objectives. The first of its kind in NZ, and with only a handful in the world, AR turns a 35x35 mm stamp into a vehicle for activating big, engaging, multi-medium stories.  

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Colorway Antics

with Insight Creative

Colorway Antics is now available through Meta’s Oculus channels and the Steam store, with Playstation to follow. Already we’re seeing strong player feedback on the quality of the experience, justifying the decision to have players involved throughout the testing process. Good player reviews are influencing a global audience to discover the game, with sales growing steadily.

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A Heartfelt Experience

with Insight Creative

The Heart Foundation approached us to create an enhanced visitor experience for the ground floor of their Auckland premises. They wanted an experience to connect them with their communities, through education and by fostering open conversations about heart health. It also needed to support staff, helping reinforce the huge impact their hard work is having.

With a long list of content requirements - ranging from explaining how a heart works to detailing the history of the Heart Foundation -  our challenge was telling the Heart Foundation story in an engaging and interactive way.

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Parliament XR

with the New Zealand Parliament

We have a range of Kiwi-designed virtual reality experiences that put you right at the heart of New Zealand’s Parliament, wherever in the country you are. The experiences were created as part of Parliament’s commitment to engage with communities and encourage people to participate at Parliament.

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Ātea Nuku Time Walk Paihia 

with Method Digital

Ātea Nuku is an experiential walking tour that brings the history and legacy of Paihia to life through location-based augmented reality, audio, animation, 360 video and text.It opens a window to the past, a legacy trail that shares the unique stories of early cultural encounters in Paihia and the relationships fostered between the missionaries, their families and mana whenua.

Waitangi Marae chairman and Uri O Te Kemara (descendant of Te Kemara) Ngati Kawa Taituha said the legacy trail celebrates the bond between two cultures, which had been crucial to the signing of the 1835 Declaration of Independence and the ensuing Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi.

"The bicentennial will be commemorated in a way that enhances the mana of everyone involved," Taituha says. "What we can do is learn from the past to make a better future for Aotearoa, as intended through the visionary foresight of both Māori and the missionaries when Te Tiriti was drafted and signed.”

PHLS Chair Martin Williams, says "This app is a significant milestone in preserving and sharing the early history of Paihia. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in this project."

To find out more about the experience visit:

Read more about the launch at NZ Herald.

Purina - Oscar Smart Cat Activation

with Method Digital

We created a mall activation experience where Oscar, the world's smartest cat, responds to customers' actions through motion activated play. Spin and Oscar spins, dance and Oscar brings out the works with a disco ball to groove to. Kids delighted in watching Oscar respond to their movements in this joyful and playful retail experience.  

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