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Bookbots: Privacy Policy

Bookbots is an augmented reality (AR) application developed by the Christchurch City Council and MAGGLE Creative, a digital studio based in Wellington, New Zealand. Bookbots uses the the camera on your smartphone or tablet to digitally impose customised AR experiences over the camera lense view. While using the Bookbots app, we collect information based on user interactions with our digital content to improve what content we bring you and increase engagement.


Information we collect when you use Bookbots

While the Bookbots app is in use and open on your device we collect information on the way you interact with our digital content and how you use the mobile application. Activity information that is collected using Bookbots:


  • How many times an experience is activated

  • Duration of experience activation

  • Buttons that have been clicked on

  • Information about your device operating system

  • Average duration of gameplay


Access to Camera

The Bookbots application requires access to your devices camera to be able to track images for Augmented Reality gameplay and interaction.


Access to device photo gallery

The Bookbots application may request access to your device photo gallery. Access to your photo gallery is required to save screenshots of the final interaction.


How we use the information we collect

We use the information we collect using the Bookbots application to give us feedback on customised content and how it is being interacted with, to optimize the content we bring you. We do not collect personal identifying information or share any information with third parties that does not explicitly relate to a collaboration or content hosted by the third party.



This document is updated regularly and as necessary as Bookbot features are updated and new content is added. Updates to this document will be advised when the app is updated or through in app notifications.

If you have any questions or require any clarification please send request to

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