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Kick On: Go The Distance

Alcohol&Me has partnered up with mates Speight’s, Lion Red and Waikato Draught to bring you this exciting new Augmented Reality rugby kicking App. ‘Kick On’ will challenge your conversion kicking skills and help you last the distance in style by giving you something to do that helps you slow your pace and space your drinks out during the big game.

To activate the AR game and play ‘Kick On’, hold your device up to a Speight’s, Lion Red or Waikato Draught logo or a 330ml bottle/can of one of these brands. You must be 18+ to play.

Game Day Tip - It takes your body 1hour to process the alcohol in every 330mL bottle or can of a 4% beer. SIZE, PACE, SPACE.

Kick On is brought to you by Lion, EightyTwo and MAGGLE Creative – Proudly helping kiwis to make smarter drinking choices.

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